The beauty of a real “Handmade Wedding”

HANDMADE WEDDING / A tailor-made Wedding? Well everyone is a tailored one… you would probably say.

It’s true, when one gets married you believe that everything is built around the bride and groom, but it’s not what we mean.

There are many ways to organize a wedding, of course according to the couple’s flavours, but usually the grooms themselves don’t know where to start.

We are used to see always the same pictures of ceremonies, with a Jubilee of flowers, of cakes, of sometimes too “commercial” setting.

Matter of taste, we know…

When you live in the “heart” of your city, in our case Florence and even a bit Siena, you manage to catch its magic in locations and glimpses sometimes unknown to most people.

This is what we, of C&C Weddings, like doing: organizing ceremonies even little ones but tasting. Finding locations that represents the beauty of the place in a non-cheeky way, organizing tours in palaces or residences full of magic and telling their story.

The craftsman who provides his knowledge, the shop which makes your special memento, the lab which organize the cooking course for your guests.

Usually, foreigners who would like to organize their wedding in Italy, come for the first time in the city: what better time to give their guests the possibility to fully breathe these places full of culture and history?

Your marriage will not only be the most important ceremony of your life, but even a journey full of experiences good both for eyes and heart!